RadTV content is exclusive to radiology providers, highlighting the varied services offered by imaging centers, hospital imaging departments, breast centers, vein clinics and interventional radiology practices. No matter what services you offer, RadTV has content relevant to your practice. In addition to the many video segments we provide as part of the subscription, you can add existing videos, custom videos and/or other information and announcements on your very own “channel.”

RadTV video segments vary in length from 15 seconds to more than 4 minutes. Topics include:


What does it take to become a radiologist?:30April 2018
The value of subspecialty training1:30October 2018
A brief history of radiology4:45October 2018
Diagnostic Imaging: Why so many different tests?:45Available
How does an X-Ray work? :30Available
How does magnetic resonance imaging work? :30Available
How does a CT scanner work? :30Available
How does a PET scan work? :30Available
How does ultrasound work? :30Available
Myths about breast cancer and breast screening:4:45Available
How do I know if I’m at high risk for breast cancer?1:00October 2018
Why do I get two bills for my imaging test? :30Available
Image Gently :30October 2018
Image Wisely :30October 2018

Cross Promotional – Diagnostic Imaging

3D mammography (Hologic):30Available
3D mammography (GE):30Available
Should I have a bone density test?1:30Available
Prostate MRI1:00August 2018
Breast MRI1:00August 2018
Artifact Reduction:30August 2018

Cross Promotional – Interventional Radiology

Uterine fibroid embolization:30Available
Ovarian vein embolization:30August 2018
Cancer treatment1:00August 2018
Vascular disease treatment1:00August 2018
Kyphoplasty/Vertebroplasty:30May 2018
Bariatric artery embolization1:00TBD
Y-90 radioembolization:45August 2018
Prostate artery embolization:30August 2018
Migraine headache treatment (SphenoCath):30Available
Pain management:45May 2018

Cross Promotional – Vein Services

Visit our vein clinic (customized with center information)CustomN/A
Visit our interventional radiology clinic (customized with center information)
Treatment for varicose and spider veins:60August 2018

Cross Promotional – Health Screenings

Low-dose lung screening (current smokers):15Available
Low-dose lung screening (former smokers):15Available
Low-dose lung screening (on-the-job/second-hand risk):15Available
Coronary calcium score:30Available
CT “Virtual” colonography:30August 2018
Automated breast ultrasound:30August 2018

Customized Videos – Included with subscription

Meet our radiologists :10 per radiologist profile
Meet our staff:10 per staff profile

Customized Videos – Additional fee

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