Turn your waiting room into a profit center.

Stop entertaining your patients with daytime television. Start educating them with RadTV.

There is unrealized marketing potential in your waiting room! Interventional procedures. CT heart, lung and colon screenings. 3D mammography. Varicose vein treatment. These exciting advancements in radiology remain largely unknown to the public.

Yet… you have the ideal forum (the TV in your waiting room) to educate and influence the most perfect audience of all (your current patients). And now you can do just that with RadTV.

Our videos are ready to add to your RADTV waiting room today!


radiology TV

RadTV is simple, effective and inexpensive.

SIMPLE: A small box the size of a smart phone plugs into your existing television. This is the RadTV appliance and includes your entire channel lineup. There is no hardware to buy, and no IT professionals are needed to set it up. Simply tell us the services you offer. Or choose the videos you want from our extensive list of high quality, professionally produced radiology video segments. We can even add your practice’s existing videos to your programming.

Our proprietary hardware offers true plug-and-play simplicity. Your desired programming runs in a continuous “loop” on your waiting room television. You just turn your TV on in the morning and off when you leave.

Programming changes are easy, too. Each month you have the opportunity to add or update new video or photo montage segments, or take advantage of our ever-expanding library. We can even create custom videos for your practice, as well as video profiles of your physicians and staff.

EFFECTIVE: Most hospitals, radiology practices and even independent outpatient centers do a poor job of cross-promoting their services to their current patient base. But now, RadTV does it all for you… in a professional, education-based (translation: non-salesy) manner.

RadTV delivers radiology education in a fun and engaging way. Just like a television station, the programming is varied in content and appeal. Some video segments are animated and fun. Others are engaging and thought-provoking. Yet all are designed to inform patients about the breadth of your offering and the expertise of your team.

INEXPENSIVE: Your customized waiting room video, complete with videos that you select, can be as low as $99 per month, per television. All it takes is just one patient to schedule a test or procedure after viewing the video… to more than pay for RadTV.


Practice Benefits to ALL radiology providers:

  • Educate patients about your radiology team and the expertise they offer
  • Help patients understand the training required to become a radiologist
  • Explain the purpose and benefits of the various imaging tests to patients
  • Help clarify billing questions
  • Avoid “commoditization” by demonstrating the value of your practice
  • “Personalize” your physicians and staff to patients and their friends/families

Benefits to hospital-based radiology groups:

  • Strengthen your relationship with hospital administration by demonstrating value
  • Realize new or increased revenue streams for your partners as well as your practice
  • Promote interventional services that are highly profitable to the hospital
  • Promote new or enhanced diagnostic imaging capabilities
  • Promote important health screenings in conjunction with hospital marketing
  • Cross promote other hospital services, departments or educational initiatives

Benefits to outpatient centers and center networks:

  • Achieve new or increased revenue streams
  • Promote new or enhanced diagnostic imaging capabilities
  • Promote affiliated vein clinics, surgery centers, interventional clinics/capabilities and more
  • Promote important health screenings (e.g. lung, breast)
  • Promote elective screenings (e.g. calcium score)
  • Differentiate your practice from other providers (e.g. cost, technology, service) to earn customers for life

Partners & Resellers


RadTV is looking to partner with physicians, medical illustrators and animators, content providers, photographers and videographers, and others who can help us continuously improve the quality and appeal of our programming. For more information, please send an email to partners@radiologyTV.com.


Are you a consultant, health network, marketing firm or other entity that would like to offer RadTV to your clients and create a new, ongoing revenue stream in the process? Let us show you how! We can even work with you to create your own custom-branded service. If interested, please send an email to resellers@radiologyTV.com.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Jim Koehler at 720-232-3928.

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