FAQs and Pricing

The subscription pricing includes all available RadTV video segments you wish to broadcast on your waiting room channel. You select from our library based on your service configuration, and can even choose the order of programming for your channel. Your existing videos may be added to the channel.

RadTV Subscription Pricing:

1-2 locations: $199 per television, per month
3-5 locations: $149 per television, per month
6 or more locations: $99 per television, per month

One-time hardware and setup pricing: $129

The subscription requires a valid credit card, which is billed monthly.

Subscribers may change their programming lineup once every month, in one of the following ways

Remote Upload

If you choose the remote upload option, you must have a reliable wireless network at your facility. Once initially configured, RadTV videos can be uploaded and managed remotely by our staff. This option is the easiest, requiring no plugging and unplugging jump drives—one call to RadTV and videos can be added or removed at your discretion.

Via Mail

For centers without a reliable wireless network, another hardware option is recommended. We will send the newly programmed channel to you on a USB flash drive. When you wish to change programming, you simply replace the old flash drive in the RadTV hardware with the new one and the new channel will play automatically. Then just send us the old USB flash drive for the next time you need to change your programming.

Via Download

We will create a new channel lineup for you and post it to our FTP site. You simply remove the USB flash drive from the RadTV appliance and open it on your PC. Delete the old file, and download the new file to the USB flash drive. Then return the USB flash drive to the RadTV appliance on your waiting room television.

We have no doubt this will be available in the future; however, there are currently too many issues with our client’s internet access and usage being accessible to outside firms. Additionally, broadband access can be spotty and go down periodically. Our goal is to achieve true “plug and play” simplicity, and keeping your video channel delivery from a hard-wired appliance helps to ensure reliability.

Yes. Simply send us the video (or provide a location to download it) and we will add it to your channel’s programming.

We are happy to create custom videos for your channel. We will produce them from raw video or photos that you provide, or we can conduct an on-site video shoot for you, depending on your preference and budget. Not including video shoot/videography (which varies in cost by city), the cost to edit completed spots with voiceover* and music is as follows:

15 second segment (video or photo montage):$899
30 second segment (video or photo montage):$1,699
45 second segment (video or photo montage):$1,999
1 minute segment (video or photo montage):$2,499
2 minute segment (video or photo montage):$4,499
3 minute segment (video or photo montage):$6,499
4 minute segment (video or photo montage):$7,899

*You can choose one of 25 different voiceover styles for this price. You can always choose different voiceover talent that is not through our list, but they may be more expensive and require a surcharge.

Our subscription pricing is per television, so if your center moves its location you can simply bring the appliance with you and start running your channel at the new location. If you wish to add your RadTV channel on another TV in a different waiting room, there is a separate fee and you will require a second RadTV appliance to do so.

You may do so without additional cost, however, you will need to connect the RadTV appliance to both televisions directly using a USB splitter.

Absolutely. Each TV will require a different RadTV appliance, and each can be configured to show whatever programming you wish. For example, a women’s center waiting room can show more content related to women’s imaging, whereas a general imaging center can focus on all the modalities offered at that center. Different physicians and staff can be featured within each center’s channel as well.

Many videos do not require sound, but others do. We can work with you to make sure that only videos that may be played without sound are used on your channel.

If we are unable to resolve the issue with you over the phone, we will swap out your existing RadTV appliance with a new one at no cost to you.

Unfortunately, no, because many of the images and videos used in our programming are licensed, and are meant exclusively for waiting room audiences. However, any custom videos created specifically for your center can be used anywhere you wish.

You may cancel the service at any time after the first 6 months. Your only requirement is to return the RadTV appliance to us, and agree to no longer use any RadTV content. However, any custom videos created exclusively for your center belong to you, as well as your individual staff and physician profiles.

Want to know more about RadTV services and pricing? Contact us today at 720-232-3928 for more information!

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