Practice Benefits to ALL radiology providers:

  • Educate patients about your radiology team and the expertise they offer
  • Help patients understand the training required to become a radiologist
  • Explain the purpose and benefits of the various imaging tests to patients
  • Help clarify billing questions
  • Avoid “commoditization” by demonstrating the value of your practice
  • “Personalize” your physicians and staff to patients and their friends/families

Benefits to hospital-based radiology groups:

  • Strengthen your relationship with hospital administration by demonstrating value
  • Realize new or increased revenue streams for your partners as well as your practice
  • Promote interventional services that are highly profitable to the hospital
  • Promote new or enhanced diagnostic imaging capabilities
  • Promote important health screenings in conjunction with hospital marketing
  • Cross promote other hospital services, departments or educational initiatives

Benefits to outpatient centers and center networks:

  • Achieve new or increased revenue streams
  • Promote new or enhanced diagnostic imaging capabilities
  • Promote affiliated vein clinics, surgery centers, interventional clinics/capabilities and more
  • Promote important health screenings (e.g. lung, breast)
  • Promote elective screenings (e.g. calcium score)
  • Differentiate your practice from other providers (e.g. cost, technology, service) to earn customers for life
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