RPTV – For Radiology Partners


Custom-branded audio-visual content for Radiology Partners’ waiting rooms

Don’t simply entertain your patients with daytime television. Use RPTV to educate and inform them!

RPTV works with the existing televisions that are already in your waiting rooms. A small device plugs into the back of the TV that integrates with your WiFi network. All the programming is uploaded to the device and plays on your TV, along with your choice of local weather and news tickers. 

Choose content based on your unique blend of services

Only the services you offer (or that your partners offer) will be featured on RPTV. You pick what you want your patients to see. You can add your existing video content to the programming or create new videos at a reasonable cost. Choose from hours of content that includes patient education, radiology and general trivia, service cross-promotion and more.

Special Radiology Partners Pricing

The cost of RPTV is just $99 per television per month for 1-5 television screens, or $79 per television per month for 6 or more screens. There is a one-time hardware cost of $149 per television.

Benefits to ALL RP practices:

  • Educate patients about your services and expertise 
  • Help patients understand the training required to become a radiologist
  • Explain the purpose and benefits of the various imaging tests to patients
  • Help clarify billing questions
  • Avoid “commoditization” by demonstrating the value of your practice
  • “Personalize” your physicians and staff to patients and their friends/families

Benefits to hospital-based radiology groups:

  • Strengthen your relationship with administrators by demonstrating value
  • Realize new or increased revenue streams for your partners as well as your practice
  • Promote interventional services that are highly profitable to the hospital
  • Promote new or enhanced diagnostic imaging capabilities
  • Promote important health screenings in conjunction with hospital marketing
  • Cross-promote other hospital services, departments or educational initiatives

Benefits to outpatient centers and center networks:

  • Achieve new or increased revenue streams
  • Promote new or enhanced diagnostic imaging capabilities
  • Promote affiliated vein clinics, surgery centers, interventional clinics/capabilities and more
  • Promote important health screenings (e.g. lung, breast)
  • Promote elective screenings (e.g. calcium score)
  • Differentiate your practice from other providers (e.g. cost, technology, service) to earn customers for life

Getting started is easy! Just email info@radiologytv.com with your name, number of locations and contact information and we’ll send you a quick-start kit

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